Know Us

Blackspektro was founded with the motivation of building an ecosystem of different kind of products and services spread across a spectrum of domains.

What are we about?

Our core areas of operation are not limited to a single domain. At a high level, we have worked at some point on the following domains.

Smart Agritech

Empowers farmers with data-driven insights and precision farming solutions to enhance crop productivity and sustainability.

Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT service transforms industries through data-driven automation and connectivity, unlocking unprecedented operational efficiency

Computer Vision and Analytics

Revolutionize decision-making by extracting valuable information from images and videos, paving the way for enhanced security, healthcare, and countless other applications

Smart Biotech

Integrates cutting-edge technology with biotechnology to advance research, diagnostics, and therapeutic solutions.


Offers businesses the flexibility to access and deploy robots for various tasks, optimizing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Data engineering

Extracting valuable insights from data to drive strategic decision-making and innovation.

Our Vision

Intelligence As A Service

We deal with a multitude of services and products in various domains. Some of our key areas are into Web and mobile application development (WEB 2.0), Cloud computing, Data engineering, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and more.

Our Mission

Empowering Others

Our company was founded with the mission to empower others to develop the right technology for their businesses. We are backed up by a team of experts in different key areas with years of experience.

your idea

Have an Amazing Idea?

If you or your company have an amazing idea and you want us to evaluate it from a neutral perspective and brainstorm on refining it, well you are at the right place.

How can we help you?

We deal with a multitude of services and products in various domains. Some of our key areas are into Application Development, Internet of Things, AI and Aerospace. We also have expertise in working with industrial systems.

Our Leadership

James Bosman

Founder & CEO

Lisa Hernandez

Co-Founder & Chairman

Daniel Robertson

Co-Founder & Board Member

Una Lopez

Chief of Staff

Mike Doe

Head of Product
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Amazing team members

Doing amazing job everyday
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