R&D initiatives

At Blackspektro, we put a lot of focus on research and development. Majority of our profits generated goes back into funding our R&D initiatives.

Our Vision

Research first

We are a research first organisation and thus, we have partnered up with some individuals with whom we try to explore the unknown. These research scientists belong to some of the most prestigious insititutes in India.

Our focus

Key Areas

We strongly beleive in the philosophy of continous research such that the same can be implemented in our solution development process.

Some of our key research areas includes the following.

  • Autonomous robotics
  • ML and AI
  • Computer vision
  • Drones
  • Autonomous systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Space technology
Our Leadership

James Bosman

Founder & CEO

Lisa Hernandez

Co-Founder & Chairman

Daniel Robertson

Co-Founder & Board Member

Una Lopez

Chief of Staff

Mike Doe

Head of Product
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Amazing team members

Doing amazing job everyday
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